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Non-Flammable Tyre NFT


Image of Non-Flammable Tyre NFT
  • Image of Non-Flammable Tyre NFT

Streatham Rovers Football Club have partnered with Deranged Crypto Ape to offer supporters, investors and optimistic speculators an exclusive NFT which is available at a special introductory price of only £10.

For decades the Greyhounds, one of South London’s most storied and historic non-league teams, have brought in essential income to help sustain the club by accepting cash to burn unwanted tyres in the stadium's small carpark. However, this is of questionable environmental benefit, led to complaints from local residents and is, strictly speaking, illegal.

That’s where Deranged Crypto Ape come in.

Now you can buy these fabulous Non-Flammable Tyre NFT tokens! The benefits include:

(1) Income for the club
(2) No tyres are burnt
(3) No threatening letters from the council
(4) No visits from the police
(5) You can show off your cyber-status online
(6) They might increase in value

Because these NFTs utilise Portable Graphics Format technology rather than blockchains, as well as helping #SRFC avoid having to burn rubber tyres, these are the most environmentally sustainable NFTs currently available on the cryptomarket.

You will receive, via e-mail, an individually numbered .png file of the Non-Flammable Tyre token. They're limited to 1000, so buy fast!*

*: Our work experience boy, Toby, will be sending these out but his mum has insisted on him having a couple of days off over Christmas so there will be a few days delay on receiving your NFTs.